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From stockpile covers, machinery covers, bagasse covers, hot house covers, igloo covers, feedlot shades, dam liners, tank liners, cattle truck curtains & covers, aquaculture covers, Beehive Vinyl has a wealth of experience at fabricating canvas, vinyl & shade cloth products for the agricultural industry.

In supplying to the agricultural sector, our aim to seek the most efficient, practical and innovative way to combat the elements, protect & contain precious goods, and provide benefit to primary producers on the land.

The materials we can use are are of high quality that will withstand the harsh Australian environment & the elements.

Contact Beehive Vinyl and tell us about your Agricultural needs.

Agricultural Products include:

  • Truck and trailer tarps
  • Cattle truck side curtains & covers
  • Stockpile covers
  • Bagasse covers/tarps
  • Machinery covers including spare parts
  • Dam / pond liners
  • Tank Liners
  • Channel liners
  • Wind screens
  • Feedlot shade sails
  • Crop shade covers from light UVR
  • Greenhouse covers
  • Hot House covers
  • Igloo covers
  • Bunker covers
  • Hay tarps
  • Roll over tarps
  • Covering valuable plant & equipment
  • Machinery tarps including spare parts
  • Shipping container covers
  • AV Gas drum covers
  • Pallet covers
  • IBC /Pod covers
  • Odour containment
  • Erosion control
  • Contaminated materials / biohazard containment
  • Fumigation
  • Dust control
  • Insulating
  • Weather & pest protection
  • Horse float curtains


Materials available include:

  • Landmark Reinforced Polypropylene tear stop 340gsm
  • Woven polyethylene (eg:Tarpee, Canvacon)
  • Complan 64T 640gsm reinforced tear stop HD PVC Tarp & Curtain Vinyl
  • Senator 650g Tear Stop reinforced HD PVC Tarp Vinyl (Australian made)
  • Sio-Line B6000 900 gsm reinforced HD PVC Tarp & Curtain Vinyl
  • Sio-Line B8702 700 gsm reinforced HD PVC Tarp & Curtain Vinyl
  • Complas G2 900gsm reinforced HD PVC Tarp & Curtain Vinyl
  • Light duty PVC Vinyls reinforced & unreinforced
  • Potable & Food grade PVC Vinyl
  • Oil & Fuel resistant Elvaloy - XR3, XR5
  • Heavy Duty Australian made Rip Stop 16 oz Canvas  & Lighter Canvas 10 to 12 oz all well proofed
  • High Density & Low Density Polyethylene
  • Reinforced & unreinforced Polypropylene
  • Shadecloth from 30% UVR resistance for Horticulture up to 95% UVR resistance
  • Clear PVC vinyls
  • Solarweave & other semi-transparent/opaque fabrics
  • Geotextiles
  • Many other reinforced & unreinforced textiles

Contact Beehive Vinyl and tell us about your Agricultural needs.