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Vogue and Skyspan Umbrellas

Aesthetically pleasing, stylish & engineered, quality umbrellas are an ideal way to provide shade & cover in our harsh climate.  Ask our team about the range of Vogue and Skyspan Umbrellas we supply.

Vogue Umbrellas are shade cloth covered umbrellas and are available in 4m and 5.5m Cantilever styles & designs.

Vogue Umbrellas are a stylish alternative to a shade sail while still offering the same UV protection and durability as a shade sail. Vogue Cantilever umbrellas have the distinct advantage of being able rotate 360 degrees which enables you to cast shade to different areas and follow the path of the sun at different times of the day. Umbrellas are engineered by a Certified Registered Engineer & are designed for North QLD conditions unlike lighter aluminium umbrellas. Engineering of umbrella footings and fittings is site specific, as wind ratings can differ depending on your location.

We can supply Vogue umbrellas for installation by yourself with DIY instructions or we can put you in contact with installers who can carry out the installation for you.

For vinyl membrane umbrellas to provide shade as well as keep you dry, ask our team about the Skyspan range of Umbrellas. Skyspan umbrellas are available in a wide range of styles from square centre pole umbrellas up to 5.6m hexagonal cantilever umbrellas.

Contact Beehive Vinyl and tell us about your Architectural Umbrella needs.