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Clear Split Curtains

We can custom fabricate and install clear split curtain in the local area or deliver where required. Our Cold Room Clear Split Curtains are usually double layered 1mm Clear Vinyl but can be customised based on your needs. Split at offset intervals so that they create a double overlap creating a seal.  Curtains are usually attached using either a rope or kedar sewn/welded along the top edge of the curtain to allow the curtains to slide into an aluminium sail track that is attached above a door or entry area.

We have fabricated & installed Clear Split Curtains for a range of applications, not just for cold room curtains. This includes split weather curtains for loading bays, wash bay splash curtains,  kitchen’s, restaurants & takeaway doorways, dust curtains for workshops, air conditioned room curtains & other applications.

We have also made split curtains using other non clear PVC & other textile materials. These are used in food processing production lines & bird, animal & pest barriers at shed openings for conveyor belts.  

Please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements and specifications for customs made curtains.

Contact Beehive Vinyl and tell us about your Cold Room Curtains or Clear Split Curtains needs.