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Machinery & Equipment Covers

Beehive Vinyl Products is well equipped for designing and custom fabricating virtually any kind of textile cover for any types of machinery or equipment. Custom made Machinery & equipment covers are an economic way of protecting valuable machines/equipment against rain,wind, UV,  heat, cold, chemicals, dust, & other contaminates as well as  animal & pest ingress, human contact & security etc. Covers can also be used to protect personnel or other equipment/assets from accidental leakage / sprays / splashes/ chemical exposure/  biohazards / heat or cold/ dust or other contaminants that may be released while plant or equipment is in operation eg: acid pipe valve covers, exhaust covers, insulated covers etc.

Your cover can include cut outs, zippers, clips, stay puts, VELCRO® , clear windows, eyelets, draw string, rope or sail track for attachment. You can choose from a large range of colours and types of materials such as PVC, canvas, polyethylene, polypropylene, shade cloth etc and different fabrication techniques that can cater for different life expectancies, budgets, operating access and durability.

Fabrication process can be done through different methods including thermal heat welding,  HF Welding or stitching of the seams. Welding of the seams (canvas excepted) provides a 100% waterproofing solution providing a stronger bond on some materials. We utilise quality threads when stitching our seams such as Poly bonded thread or PTFE thread (teflon).

Contact Beehive Vinyl and tell us about your Machinery & Equipment Covers needs.

Types of machinery & equipment cover can be custom made for :

  • Generators
  • Compressors
  • Tool boxes
  • Welders
  • Pump covers
  • Ute/ truck covers
  • Trailer covers
  • Winch covers
  • Boat covers
  • Man basket/ bucket covers (cherry pickers)
  • Construction & earthmoving plant & equipment covers
  • IBC - Pod covers
  • Oil & fuel drum covers
  • Valve / Cylinder covers
  • Gas cylinder covers
  • Pallet stock covers
  • Shipping Container covers
  • Medical equipment covers
  • Electronic equipment & testing equipment covers
  • Military & defense equipment covers
  • Aircraft covers
  • Warehouse storage shelves & racking covers
  • Workshop shelving storage covers
  • Agricultural  equipment & implement covers
  • Motorbike/ ATV/ Buggy covers
  • Animal cage covers
  • Machinery spare parts covers
  • Other workshop tools & equipment covers
  • Outdoor Flat screen Television covers
  • First Aid Kit covers


Materials Available include:

  • Landmark Reinforced Polypropylene tear stop 340gsm
  • Complan 64T 640gsm reinforced tear stop HD PVC Tarp & Curtain Vinyl
  • Senator 650g Tear Stop reinforced HD PVC Tarp Vinyl (Australian made)
  • Sio-Line B6000 900 gsm reinforced HD PVC Tarp & Curtain Vinyl
  • Sio-Line B8702 700 gsm reinforced HD PVC Tarp & Curtain Vinyl
  • Complas G2 900gsm reinforced HD PVC Tarp & Curtain Vinyl
  • Lighter weight PVC (eg: Endeavour & AK420)
  • Woven Polyethylene (eg: Canvacon, Tarpee)
  • Potable & Food grade PVC Vinyl
  • FRAS - Fire Retardant, Anti-Static
  • Heavy duty & light PVC coated mesh
  • Clear PVC unreinforced & reinforced
  • Woven polyethylene (Tarpee or Canvacon)
  • Tonneau cover material
  • Oil & Fuel resistant Elvaloy - XR3, XR5
  • Shrinkable PE storage/ transport covers
  • Heavy Duty Australian made Rip Stop 16 oz Canvas  & Lighter Canvas 10 to 12 oz all well proofed
  • Polyester Canvas
  • Denier Nylon
  • Heat resistant Asphalt cover material
  • Other insulating & heat / cold resistant textiles
  • High Density & Low Density Polyethylene
  • Reinforced & unreinforced Polypropylene
  • Polyester Geotextiles
  • Many grades of shade cloth - 50% shade up to 95% shade
  • Safety Reflective tape can also be incorporated into covers
  • Digital printing & sign writing can also be incorporated onto some materials
  • Many other reinforced & unreinforced materials
  • Different colour materials including some fluorescent colours

Beehive Vinyl also offer repair & alteration service for existing covers.

Contact Beehive Vinyl and tell us about your Machinery & Equipment Covers needs.