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Industrial Welding and Sewing

Beehive Vinyl has a wealth of experience at sewing & welding of textiles.

We have the capacity to assist with High Frequency Welding, Hot wedge welding and traditional sewing.

High Frequency (HF) or also known as Radio Frequency (RF) welders provide high quality homogeneous welds to PVC based materials. This enables welds that are stronger than stitching, provides a watertight seams & lasts as long as the material. We have several HF welders to cover the small fiddly jobs up to the large bulk welding jobs.   

Welding of materials is carried out by thermal welding using hot wedge welders and hot air welders. Thermal welding can be carried out on a large range of materials including shadecloth. Hot wedge welding can provide watertight seams along with added strength compared to sewing. Hot air welders enable us to weld curved shapes and other difficult areas where hot wedge welding is restricted.

The traditional method of sewing of materials is still used and with developments in thread technology over the years. There are many developments in threads such as with Profelin & Tenara PTFE thread, high temperature threads,  plus the dope dyed poly cottons, Polyester & other threads. As a result products have been able to achieve better life expectancy without the need for restitching.

Our automated CAD plotter cutter machine also allows us to automatically continuously cut out textiles with roll widths up to 3.8m wide. With the speed & accuracy that cannot be matched by hand cutting, we can cut large quantities of materials from shade cloth, vinyl, canvas, HDPE, geotextile, cloth & other materials.   

With qualified Motor Marine trimming tradesmen & machinists, we also complete commercial upholstery work for a variety of customers from Hospitals, Correctional Centres, Nightclubs & bars, Restaurants, Schools & others. We have access to a variety of commercial upholstery fabrics with anti mold/mildew, Fire rated & sanitizer properties.   

If you have a project that requires welding or sewing of your materials to be carried out, contact us today.

Contact Beehive Vinyl and tell us about your Industrial Welding and Sewing needs.

We can offer contract welding, sewing and fabric cutting services for:

  • Tarps and covers
  • Commercial upholstery
  • Signwriters banners
  • Geotextile erosion control products
  • Shade applications
  • Insulation applications
  • Stockpile covers
  • Liners
  • any many other industrial applications