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Industrial Curtains

Industrial Curtains can be used in many different areas that require barriers against dust, heat, cold, gases, moisture, noise, water, light, wind, chemicals, UV & welding radiation or for privacy/segregation as well as separation of other contaminants or environmental applications.  

They are the perfect alternative to permanent walls as they are flexible and adaptable and access points can be easily incorporated. Beehive Vinyl has vast and varied experience at fabricating & installing industrial curtains.

Our curtains can be manufactured from high performance, flame retardant PVC, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Many inclusions can be developed with industrial curtains to ensure it meets your application & use. This can include additions such as clear vinyl can panels for windows for viewing or for natural light,  heavy duty hold down buckles for securing curtains to ground anchors,  timber battening or chain ballast in hem pockets to weigh down curtains, quality rollers at top of curtains that run in trailer tautliner channels for ease of pulling back or closing of curtains, plus many other customisations. Industrial curtains are an ideal solution for a warehouse, workshop, factory, refinery, mining & other applications.

Industrial curtain uses:

  • Cold room curtains
  • Spray booth Curtains
  • Sand Blasting curtains
  • Dust Curtains for stockpile sheds, conveyor belts, machinery etc
  • Welding flash/spark curtains
  • Warehouse temporary walls
  • Shade curtains
  • Odour/fume curtains
  • Loading Dock curtains
  • Cooling Tower Curtains
  • Wash bay curtains
  • Biohazard Curtains
  • Fumigation curtains
  • Chemical & other liquid Splash Curtains
  • Spill Curtains
  • Sediment Control Curtains
  • Wind Baffle curtains
  • Segregation curtains
  • Safety barrier curtains
  • Pest, animal & wildlife control curtains

Materials available include:

  • Landmark Reinforced Polypropylene tear stop 340gsm
  • Complan 64T 640gsm reinforced tear stop HD PVC Tarp & Curtain Vinyl
  • Senator 650g Tear Stop reinforced HD PVC Tarp Vinyl (Australian made)
  • Sio-Line B6000 900 gsm reinforced HD PVC Tarp & Curtain Vinyl
  • Sio-Line B8702 700 gsm reinforced HD PVC Tarp & Curtain Vinyl
  • Complas G2 900gsm reinforced HD PVC Tarp & Curtain Vinyl
  • Lighter weight PVC (eg: Endeavour & AK420)
  • Potable & Food grade PVC Vinyl
  • Heavy duty & light PVC coated mesh
  • Clear PVC unreinforced & reinforced
  • Oil & Fuel resistant Elvaloy - XR3, XR5
  • Many grades of shade cloth - 50% shade up to 95% shade
  • Heavy Duty Australian made Rip Stop 16 oz Canvas  & Lighter Canvas 10 to 12 oz all well proofed
  • Polyester Canvas
  • Heat resistant bitumen cover material
  • Woven polyethylene (Tarpee or Canvacon)
  • High Density & Low Density Polyethylene
  • Reinforced & unreinforced Polypropylene
  • Polyester Geotextiles
  • FRAS - Fire Retardant, Anti-Static
  • Safety Reflective tape can also be incorporated into curtains
  • Digital printing & sign writing can also be incorporated onto some materials
  • Many other reinforced & unreinforced materials

Contact Beehive Vinyl and tell us about your Industrial Curtain needs.