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Other Specialised Products

With over 37 years experience Beehive Vinyl Products have the capabilities and knowledge to manufacture just about anything to custom suit your application.

We have manufactured numerous custom specialised items for clients which have included waterproofing for helicopter wet decks for the emergency services through to vinyl flotation booms for jellyfish stinger nets, oil resistant gators for hydraulic rams, fluming for venting / air conveyance, water bladders, inflatable pipe bungs, shims and packing for leveling equipment, fluming for material loading, dust covers for conveyors, military defence force equipment utilising camouflaged & infrared resistant materials, medical equipment, industrial vandal proof upholstery & pad protectors in detention centres, filters for emission stacks, insulation protection/ lagging of hot / cold machinery parts, refrigeration curtains, insulated pathology bags, industrial upholstery for cafes, restaurants & hotels, destructive testing air bladders for building materials, blaster aprons, roof waterproofing.

We could go on, however if you have a special request no matter how strange it may sound, please ask us as you may be surprised at what we can do.

We also carry out repairs & alterations to anything fabricated in industrial textiles.

Contact Beehive Vinyl and enquire about our Other Specialised Products.

Industries serviced have included:

  • Mining & Refinery Operations
  • Oil & Gas industry
  • Building & Construction
  • Transport
  • Emergency Services
  • Hospitals & Medical facilities
  • Food & Beverage Manufacturing Factories
  • Research facilities
  • Agriculture & Aquaculture
  • Military Defence Forces
  • Detention Centres
  • Universities and Schools
  • Sporting Clubs
  • Research facilities
  • Government Infrastructure
  • Other manufacturing & fabrication factories
  • Heavy Industry
  • Entertainment Industry


Material Available:

  • Landmark Reinforced Polypropylene tear stop 340gsm
  • Complan 64T 640gsm reinforced tear stop HD PVC Tarp & Curtain Vinyl
  • Senator 650g Tear Stop reinforced HD PVC Tarp Vinyl (Australian made)
  • Sio-Line B6000 900 gsm reinforced HD PVC Tarp & Curtain Vinyl
  • Sio-Line B8702 700 gsm reinforced HD PVC Tarp & Curtain Vinyl
  • Complas G2 900gsm reinforced HD PVC Tarp & Curtain Vinyl
  • Lighter weight PVC (eg: Endeavour & AK420)
  • Potable & Food grade PVC Vinyl
  • FRAS - Fire Retardant, Anti-Static
  • Heavy duty & light PVC coated mesh
  • Clear PVC unreinforced & reinforced
  • Woven polyethylene (Tarpee or Canvacon)
  • Tonneau cover material
  • Oil & Fuel resistant Elvaloy - XR3, XR5
  • Shrinkable PE storage/ transport covers
  • Heavy Duty Australian made Rip Stop 16 oz Canvas  & Lighter Canvas 10 to 12 oz all well proofed
  • Polyester Canvas
  • Denier Nylon
  • Military Defense specialised materials
  • Heat resistant Asphalt cover material
  • Other insulating & heat / cold resistant textiles
  • Marine trimming & upholstery materials
  • Motor trimming upholstery materials
  • High Density & Low Density Polyethylene
  • Reinforced & unreinforced Polypropylene
  • Polyester Geotextiles
  • Many grades of shade cloth - 50% shade up to 95% shade
  • Safety Reflective tape can also be incorporated into covers
  • Digital printing & sign writing can also be incorporated onto some materials
  • Many other reinforced & unreinforced materials
  • Different colour materials including some fluorescent colours


We offer an on-site quoting service, as well as installation service in the local Townsville area.

Contact Beehive Vinyl and enquire about our Other Specialised Products.