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Stockpile Covers

Stockpile covers provide an economical way to store and protect bulk products for both the short and long term, against rain, erosion, wind, UV, dust & other contamination, animal & pest ingress & human contact etc.

Utilising a wide variety of materials with differing weights, strengths, we can custom fabricate stockpile covers up to very large sizes for agriculture, construction, mining and many other industries

The cover fabrication process can be done either through thermal heat welding or stitching of the seams.  Welding of the seams provides a 100% waterproofing solution providing a stronger bond on some materials.  We utilise quality threads when stitching our seams such as Poly bonded thread or PTFE thread (teflon).

By utilising a wide range of materials and different manufacturing techniques, Beehive Vinyl Products can offer a stockpile cover to suit any requirement, budget or life expectancy.  Different designs can include stainless steel or brass eyelets, pockets at hems for ballast chain, timber battening or other.

We can also offer installation depending on location.

Stockpile cover applications can include:

  • Sugar Mill Bagasse covers
  • Coal covers
  • Acid sulphate soil covers
  • CBR Road base covers
  • Bitumen product covers
  • Fertilizer covers
  • Cement product covers
  • Ore covers
  • Grain covers
  • Hay covers
  • Feed covers
  • Biosolid covers
  • Contaminated material covers
  • Moisture containment & conditioning


Materials available include:

  • Landmark Reinforced Polypropylene tear stop 340gsm
  • Woven polyethylene (Tarpee or Canvacon)
  • Complan 64T 640gsm reinforced tear stop HD PVC Tarp & Curtain Vinyl
  • Senator 650g Tear Stop reinforced HD PVC Tarp Vinyl (Australian made)
  • Sio-Line B6000 900 gsm reinforced HD PVC Tarp & Curtain Vinyl
  • Sio-Line B8702 700 gsm reinforced HD PVC Tarp & Curtain Vinyl
  • Complas G2 900gsm reinforced HD PVC Tarp & Curtain Vinyl
  • Reinforced Heavy Duty & Light duty PVC Vinyl
  • Potable & Food grade PVC Vinyl
  • Heat resistant bitumen cover material
  • Oil & Fuel resistant Elvaloy - XR3, XR5
  • Heavy Duty Australian made Rip Stop 16 oz Canvas  & Lighter Canvas 10 to 12 oz all well proofed
  • High Density & Low Density Polyethylene
  • Reinforced & unreinforced Polypropylene
  • FRAS - Fire Retardant, Anti-Static
  • Many other reinforced & unreinforced textiles

Contact Beehive Vinyl and tell us about your Stockpile Cover needs.